Pursuant to the duty of disclosure set forth in Information Society Services and E-Commerce Act 34/2002 (hereinafter, LSSICE), of 11 July, the general information about this Website is provided below:

The domain (hereinafter, the Website) is owned by ALIFARMA, (hereinafter, ALIFARMA), with TIN A-43125210, its registered address at C/ Prudenci Bertrana nº 19, Polígono Industrial Agro-Reus, CP 43206, in Reus (Tarragona) and with contact email address


Purpose of the conditions: the Website

The purpose of these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter, the Conditions) is to govern access to and use of the Website. For the purpose of these General Conditions, Website shall mean: the external appearance of the screen interfaces, both static and dynamic, i.e., the navigation tree; and all elements included in the screen interfaces and the navigation tree (hereinafter, the Content) and all online services and resources that may be offered to Users (hereinafter, the Services).

At any time and without prior notice, ALIFARMA reserves the right to change the way that the Website is presented and configured and access to the same.

The Website is freely accessible for the User and, as a general rule, it is free of charge and the User does not have to provide any payment to use it, except for the cost of connecting through the telecommunications network provided by the internet provider with whom the User has a contract.

Entering the Website and any use that may be made of the information and content included in it shall be the sole responsibility of the User. Therefore, any use made of the information, images, content and/or products that are displayed and accessible through it shall be subject to the applicable national or international laws and the principles of good faith and lawful use by Users, who are entirely responsible for entering the Website and using it appropriately.

The User

The act of entering, browsing and using the Website, and the areas provided to enable interaction between Users and between the User and ALIFARMA, such as the comments and/or blogging spaces, confers the status of User. Therefore, when you start browsing the Website, you accept all of the Conditions established herein, and any future changes thereto, notwithstanding the possible enforcement of any applicable mandatory legal regulations. Given the importance of the above, the User is advised to read them whenever they visit the Website.

ALIFARMA’s Website provides a wide variety of information, services and data. The User accepts responsibility for using the Website appropriately, in a manner consistent with the provisions of these Conditions, the Law, decency and public order, or they may prejudice the rights of third parties or impair the operation of the website. The User also accepts responsibility for the truthfulness and legality of the information that they provide in the forms provided by ALIFARMA in order to access certain Content and Services provided by the Website. In any event, the User shall immediately inform ALIFARMA about anything that enables the improper use of the information recorded on those forms.

ALIFARMA reserves the right to remove any comments and contributions that break the law. In any event, ALIFARMA shall not be responsible for the opinions expressed by Users through the comments or any other blogging or participatory tools that there may be.

The simple act of entering this Website does not imply the start of any form of commercial relationship between ALIFARMA and the User.

The User declares that they are a legal adult and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these Conditions. Consequently, this Website is not intended for minors and ALIFARMA does not accept any responsibility for a failure to comply with this requirement.

ALIFARMA reserves the right to withdraw access to the Website for any user who violates the provisions of this legal notice, without needing to give prior notice.

Data retention (LSSI)

As the provider of the data hosting service and pursuant to the provisions of Information Society Services and E-Commerce Act 34/2002 (LSSI), of 11 July, ALIFARMA informs you that it retains the information necessary to identify the origin of the hosted data and information about the moment when the provision of the service began for a maximum period of 12 months.

The retention of this data does not affect the confidentiality of communications and it may only be used within the context of a criminal investigation or to safeguard public security, for which it will be made available to any authorities that require it.

According to the regulations, after consulting with the operators, the retention period for certain data or categories of data may be extended or reduced, up to a maximum of two years or a minimum of six months, taking into account the cost of storing and retaining the data, and its relevance for the purpose of the investigation, detection and prosecution of a serious crime, after consulting with the operators.


Pursuant to the provisions of article 21 of the LSSI, we hereby inform you that ALIFARMA shall not send marketing messages by email when they have not been authorised by their recipients. When ALIFARMA sends this type of marketing message by email, the word “advertisement” will appear at the start of the message.


This Website is owned by ALIFARMA, which also holds the intellectual property, industrial property, exploitation and reproduction rights over it and its content (images, source code, sound, audio, video, software and text, trademarks and logos, colour combinations, structure and design, etc.), unless expressly stated otherwise.

Any name, design, logo and any product or service offered that appears in this Website is duly registered by ALIFARMA, by the business group to which it belongs or by third parties.

Any improper use thereof by persons other than their lawful owner, without the express and unequivocal consent of the latter, may be reported and remedy may be pursued by the legal means available in our Legal System.

It is only permitted to download the content and copy or print out any page of this Website for personal and private use. It is forbidden to reproduce, transfer, change or delete the information, content or warnings on this website without the prior written authorisation of ALIFARMA.

ALIFARMA does not transfer ownership of its software to users. The User is the owner of the medium on which the software is saved. ALIFARMA holds all industrial and intellectual property rights, including over the software. If the User transfers the software from this website to their terminal, they may not analyse and decompile the object code or translate the original version or its language to another code or language.

Finally, ALIFARMA expressly forbids the “framing” or use of any other mechanisms by third parties to alter the design, original configuration or content of our websites.

Regarding references to third-party products and services, ALIFARMA recognises that their owners hold the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights and the simple fact that they are mentioned or appear on the Website does not imply any existence of rights or responsibility for them, or any endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation.

ALIFARMA declares that it respects the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties ; consequently, if you believe that our websites may be infringing your rights, please contact ALIFARMA.


ALIFARMA does not guarantee the continuity, availability or usefulness of the Website, nor of the Content or Services. ALIFARMA shall do everything possible to ensure the smooth operation of the Website. However, it accepts no liability and does not warrant that access to the Website shall be uninterrupted or that it is free of errors, that any mistakes will be corrected or that the service or server through which it is made available are free of viruses or anything similar.

Entering ALIFARMA’s websites and any use made of the information contained on them is the sole responsibility of the User.

ALIFARMA is also not liable for any damages that may be suffered by users due to the improper use of this Website. In particular, it is in no way liable for any loss, interruption, fault or failure of telecommunications that may occur.

It is also not liable for the information and content stored on forums, chats, comments, blogs, social media or any other medium which allows third parties to publish content independently on ALIFARMA’s website.

However, ALIFARMA as at the disposal of any users, authorities and enforcement agencies to actively cooperate in the removal or blocking of any content that may prejudice or violate the law, the rights of third parties or decency and public order.


The links contained on our websites may lead to content on third-party websites, with the sole purpose of helping you to find resources that may be useful to you on the internet.

These websites do not belong to ALIFARMA and it does not check their content, so it accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any information or service that appears or may appear on them, in no case implying any relationship between ALIFARMA and the persons or entities who own such content or the websites on which they appear.

ALIFARMA can also not accept responsibility for the operation of the linked website or any damages that may arise from entering or using it.


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These general conditions are governed by Spanish law, with Spanish courts having the authority to hear on any matters that may arise regarding the interpretation, enforcement and fulfilment thereof.

To resolve any contentious matter that may arise from any visit to the Website or use of the services offered on it, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled pursuant to the current Spanish Civil Procedure Act, ALIFARMA and the User agree to submit to the jurisdiction and sole authority of the courts of the city of Reus.

ALIFARMA reserves the right to bring any civil and criminal actions that it deems necessary for the improper use of the Website and its Content, or for a breach of these Conditions

We provide ingredients and solutions for the food industry. We provide the technical support necessary for the application of our ingredients and the development of new food products.


Prudenci Bertrana, 19
Polígono Industrial Agro Reus
43206 Reus · Spain

Tel. +34 977 317 111


© 2021 Alifarma, Alimentación y Farmacia, S.A.

We provide ingredients and solutions for the food industry. We provide the technical support necessary for the application of our ingredients and the development of new food products.


Prudenci Bertrana, 19
Polígono Industrial Agro Reus
43206 Reus · Spain

Tel. +34 977 317 111


© 2021 Alifarma, Alimentación y Farmacia, S.A.