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Wild Flavours & Specialty Ingredients
It is the Ingredients division of the American multinational Archer Daniels Midland. Amongst their products they manufacture Xanthan Gum NOVAXAN®, plant Sterols (CARDIOAID), Soybeans extract rich in Isoflavones (NOVASOY), natural Vitamin E and natural Tocopherol mixtures.



Innovative company in the production of solutions based in potato, tapioca and waxy-potato starches. Broad range of products: high functionality and versatility modified starches, native starch, maltodextrines, dextrines, spray glucose syrup, potato protein and potato fiber.


American company manufacturer of inclusions and microencapsulated ingredients: Bakeshure, Meatshure and Vitashure, for application in several areas of the food industry (bakery and pastry, meat, cereals, confectionery, baby food and dietetics).


Local manufacturer of transglutaminase and specialist in mixes with this enzyme and alginate. Main applications are:

  • Meat and fish industries
  • Dairy
  • Bakery 


Bakery enzymes for the standardization and improvement of flour in order to enhance the process and final features of bakery products.
We have different pure enzymatic activities and solutions to improve dough products.

Leader company in the dairy sector as a manufacturer of cultures for yogurts and cheese, rennet, enzymes, paints and coatings for cheese and cured meat products.
DELVOCID (natamycin), FROMASE (microbial rennet), MAXILACT (lactase for milk), DELVOCOAT (paint for cheese) are only some of the most renowned products in the market.

New protection system PACKAGE.
DELVOTEST is the world reference detection test for antibiotics in milk.

Manufacturer of yeast extract, flavors, natural flavors and natural flavor enhancers. These ingredients are used in a wide range of applications in the food industry; meat, ready to eat products, dressings, sauces and soups among others. They are also valid for the use in Bio fermentative processes as growing factors of high efficiency.

The beverage division of DSM manufactures enzymes for a wide range of applications in the food industry:
- Fruit concentrates and preparations (extracts). Pectinases, celulases, hemycelulases and amylases.
- Firmness in fruit: Pectin Metil Estearase for the firmness improvement in tomato cubes.
- Cereal dextrination. Alpha-amylases and amyloglucosidases.
- Beer. Special enzymes for the improvement of clarification and stabilization of beer.
- Extraction of Olive oil.
- Plant extracts. Pectinases, cellulases, hemycellulases and amylases.
- Lactase


Exter is famous throughout the world for the traditional method they use to prepare savoury taste ingredients: slow reduction and then roasting in the oven.
Slow cooking, where we take the time to let the ingredients do their job.
Home cooking but on a professional scale, serving the food industry.


One of the most important manufacturers of fructose, sodium citrate and high quality potassium citrate.

Gadot manufactures mineral salts with a high solubility and stable in a solution GADOCAL®, as well as Calcium, magnesium and Zinc citrates for mineral enrichment.


Manufacturer of ripening and surface cultures for the cheese and meat industries



Japanese manufacturer of the prebiotic soluble fiber FIBERSOL-2®, with excellent physical and physiological properties, that can be used in drinks, food and nutritional supplements. Also outstanding the product PINEFLOW®, low density maltodextrine perfect for the conversion of oil into powder.


Döhler Group
Endorsed by a large experience in product drying and freeze-drying. Doehler - MOLDA manufactures high quality product, taking special care of freeze-dried processes in order to preserve the maximum quality of the raw materials. 4 ranges of products stand out:

  • Lyophilized fruits: whole, slices, pieces, powder.
  • Lyophilized powder ingredients: honey powder, cream, yogurt or cheese powder.


Manufacturer specialized in Stevia extract and its applications.
Taking care in the organoleptic profile, Morita develops solutions based on Stevia in order to sweeten a rich variety of food matrices.


Business unit that belongs to GRUPO ORDESA. Ordesa Food Solutions has a great experience in the processing of cereals and a unique technology for the Development of highly dextrined cereals (hydrolized) and a very low viscosity. Perfect for milks, smoothies, fruit juices, yoghurts or biscuits


Manufacturer of dried egg products since 1976, OvoProt owns 3 plants in Argentina, where all dried egg products are daily manufactured under the strictest technological standards and a strict quality control.

The range of OvoProt products includes the following references:

  • Whole egg powder Premium quality
  • Egg White powder
  • Egg yolk powder Premium quality


Local manufacturer of oat products, such as pearls, flour, flakes or bran, in their conventional and Bio versions.

logo de TIC-GUMS


American company with more than 100 years experience with gums and hydrocolloids. Thanks to their know-how, we have a wide portfolio of products for offering texture, stability and quality in different sectors of the food industry.



Develops new and specific plant extracts, with scientific researches that endorse their functionality. Ingredients developed for:

  • Digestive health
  • Cognitive system
  • Joints
  • Cell protection
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Bio-technological based local company, specialized in the investigation and production of pro biotic stains, conventional or value added. They also offer services for testing and functional validation of Ingredients and/or formulations.

Biopolis owns strains and strain mixtures with a scientific dossier that backs up their functionality in:

  • Inmune system
  • Digestive health
  • Anti-inflammatory effect


Specialist in growing and harvesting quinoa. With their technology they can offer a highly soluble quinoa flour for an instant use (Quinoasure).

logo de ESSENTIA


Manufacturer of natural meat and fish stocks, placed in Denmark. Their range of products can be used in a great variety of applications with a totally natural ingredient which follows the increasing “natural” tendency of the market.

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European company specialized in natural colors and flavors, preservatives and natural Ingredients (fruits and vegetables powders, oleoresins, essential oils and anti oxidant).

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It is one of the biggest dairy cooperatives in Europe, placed in Germany, and specialized in manufacturing liquid dairy derivatives such as milk, creams, ioghurts, cream cheese, sweet condensed milk or sugar free condensed milk, and different types of butter depending on the application.

They also have special powder milks (roller, premium, instant), powder creams and other specialties as caramelised condensed milk (toffe type), lactose free condensed milk, etc.



Belgian company specialized in the manufacture of oat, wheat, bamboo and cellulose fibers. Their range of fibers is very versatile and allows a wide range of applications and functionalities

logo de PEPTINEX


Peptinex is a total hydrolysis of collageneous raw materials (Hydrolyzed Collagen) that Gelnex manufactures. Peptinex is comprised of Beef Skin or Pork Skin Collagen that meet specifications which make it well suited to applications such as nutraceuticals, functional superfoods, nutritional supplements, dairy and cosmetic products

logo de Firmenich


Swiss company specialized in the manufacturing of flavourings for the food industry. Firmenich initiated its activity in 1895, being currently the largest private company in the sector. Motivated by their passion for the senses, their main objective is to offer tailor made solutions to their customers. Alifarma is currently Firmenich’s exclusive distributor in Portugal.

logo de PLT Health Solutions

PLT Health Solutions

PLT Health Solutions is a developer of high-quality, scientifically-supported ingredient solutions for the natural products, food & beverage and cosmeceuticals markets. Their goal is to bring innovative and impactful solutions that help customers develop new concepts, new products and grow successful brands.


Manufacturer of emulsified fats. Part of DMK Group, placed in The Netherlands and with factory in Germany. They offer a wide portfolio, including powder fats for several applications: bakery (doughs and fillings), savoury (creams and soups), beverage (creaminess and stabilization of foams in instant beverages), ice creams and sorbets, and powder milk replacements, among others.

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